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PARASONA: the combination of latin words "Parabellum" (prepare for war) and "Potensona" (powerful music).


A passionate pop rock band from Toronto, Canada.  Parasona works to share their creativity with the world that will provoke you to feel again. The band consists of Adam Lancia (Vocals, Guitar) and Joshua Golias (Drums, Beard). 


Parasona have released their energetic pop rock single "Scars You Left Behind" which was co-written and produced by Steve Molella of the band Finger Eleven. Available everywhere now! 

"We wanted a song that talked about the addiction of not being able to let go of someone. Being taken advantage of because of being complacent and letting any love you had left to give slowly drain away. It's a song that on the surface you can listen and have a good time to but also has a deeper meaning of toxic relationships." - Adam

Scars You Left Behind was co-written by Adam Lancia and Steve Molella, produced and recorded in Steve's home studio. The music video was created by Cassandra Rudolph (Coalition Music). 


Accepted to The Artist Entrepreneur program, Canadian music/ management label Coalition Music helped progress the band immensely. Thats where they performed in front of renown producer Arnold Lanni. Arnold took a keen liking to Adam's voice and the pair started working right away on their debut single "Fall Down". Parasona travelled down to California where the single was recorded. Working together with Arnold Lanni, Parasona’s song writing and overall vision has evolved. A great song has to resonate and connect with a listener and make the listener feel ‘something’. The listener has to be ‘affected’ in some way and that is what Parasona strives for.


Parasona's debut full length album "BAD SEED" is now available! The album embodies the rollercoaster that love plays on our hearts, minds and souls. It also shows the struggle to grow as a person and come out the other side as more than just a bad seed. The album's debut single "FALL DOWN" was produced by Arnold Lanni (Our Lady Peace, Simple Plan, Finger Eleven).

As an audio engineering graduate of Trebas Institute, Josh engineered Parasona's debut album "BAD SEED" while Adam wrote, composed, produced and arranged the tracks. Josh has also recorded, mixed and mastered Parasona's self titled EP in 2014 and their follow up "Ep II" in 2015. The band has self distributed and shipped their EP's to fans all over the Americas, Europe, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan.


Influenced by all types of music and art, Parasona loves keeping an open mind. The band blends a modern day rock vibe and have been compared to a more rock version of Maroon 5.


"They are rock music's alternative cousin.  The band and Adam's voice is fun yet still melodic. There is something very unique and special that will resonate with the listener."   - Arnold Lanni (record producer)


 Adam Macciocchi Lancia - Vocals / Guitar / Passion

 Joshua Golias - Drums / Beard







The name Lancia stems from the Italian word Lanciare ( to launch, throw, cast, start ) and the image of the arrow has always represented this name.

An Arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means its going to launch you into something great. The key is to keep doing and never give up. Go for what you believe in. Work hard and get yourself out there to the world. 

Stay focused and keep aiming.